Template:InfoboxSilas Sinister is a warlock who is the head of the Sinister Inc., father of the Sinister Sisters, and leader of the Dominion. He and his group targeted a box that contained the Cromwell ”Gift” the key to rule Halloweentown and turn non-witches/warlocks into slaves. He and the other Dominion members are stripped of their magic powers and arrested by Professor Periwinkle (who was working for an Anti-Dominion movement) for their acts of treason.


He is portrayed by Keone Young in Return to Halloweentown.


  • In the beginning of Return to Halloweentown, a map of all of Halloweentown shows a forest called the "Sinister Woods", meaning the Sinister family owned the forest.


  • And now a reading of the prophecy; "And it shall come to pass, at the close of the first millennium, at the rise of the Halloween Moon, a Cromwell of Great Power will embrace The Gift." Marine Piper is the Cromwell of the prophecy, the one we have waited for.
  • Queen Cromwell, grace us with a display of your power. Use your Gift!