Sage Sinister

Sage Sinister is an evil witch who is sibings with Scarlett and Sapphire Sinister. Sage is twins with Sapphire. After her father, Silas Sinister, was arrested for being in the Dominion, she, Scarlett, and Sapphire lost their magic and were now mortal.


Sage is a kind of a ditz, but is equally as cold as her sisters. Sage is always given magical gifts from people.(Mostly boys!!) She and her sisters are always seen breaking the "No Magic Rule", but never by faculty members. She and her sisters were told to coax Marnie into breaking the rules to open the Cromwell box, and she helped turn Dylan into a dog!! Luckily, her sisters were stripped of their magic and are now mortal so they can no longer cause harm.Sage also complain alot like when she told goodwin that their trying  and complained marnie was too much of a goody goody


  • Sage is a type of mint
  • Sage's name means "Wisdom"
  • Sage is the baby of the Sinister's.


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