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Marnie Piper


Full Name:
Marah Elizabeth Piper
Gwen (mother)
William Piper (father)
Dylan (brother)
Sophie (sister)
Aggie (grandmother)
Marvin (great-grandfather)
Queen of Halloweentown (great-grandmother)
Merlin (first-cousin three times removed)
Kimberly J. Brown (first 3 films)
Sara Paxton (last film)
Love interst(s)
Luke (first and second movies)
Kal (second movie-enemie)
Cody (third movie)
Ethan Dalloway (third movie possbly and fourth movie)

Marnie Piper is the eldest daughter of Gwen and William Piper, granddaughter of Aggie, and older sister of Dylan and Sophie.  She is the main protagonist of the series, a young witch who has always loved the holiday of Halloween. Marnie is 13-years-old in Part I, about 15-years-old in Part II, about 17 years old in Part III, and 18 years old in the final movie. She is a pretty and headstrong individual, especially when it comes to magic. Like her grandmother and her sister she has a sixth sense or recognition power as well as being an expert broomstick flyer. She is the character who uses magic as much as she can but also cares about it and tries very much to save Halloweentown with her magic.



The 13-year-old Marnie discoverers for the first time about her witch heritage and becomes excited to start her training to be a witch.

Halloweentown II: Kalabar's RevengeEdit

Marnie and her family combine their magic and create a portal that could be opened at anytime around the year
Ethan and marnie

Marnie and Ethan.

 to stop a warlock from taking over the worlds.

Halloweentown HighEdit

Marnie bets on her family magic to persuade the Halloweentown Council to reunite the worlds of Halloweentown and the Mortal World.

Return to HalloweentownEdit

Marnie attends Witch University in Halloweentown and discovers a great secret about her family. She becomes Queen of Halloweentown for one night but uses the chance to apparently destroy The Gift with the help of Gwen, Dylan and her genie friend Anessa, but only passes it on to Dylan, the one person she trusts not to abuse its power.


Marnie Piper was the only role that Disney chose to recast, with Kimberly J. Brown playing the role in parts I-III, and Sara Paxton in Part IV. For more info go to


  • Aggie Cromwell is Marnie's grandmother. They seem to be very alike in several ways. In the first movie it was revealed that she had been dropping hints to Marnie about being a witch.She helped train Marnie, Dylan and Sophie. Aggie lived with the Piper's after the first movie.
  • Gwen Piper is Marnie's mother. She is very protective of her children. She didn't let them go out for Halloween because she was afraid something would happen to them. She and Marnie didn't seem to really get along in the first movie.
  • William Piper is Marnie's father. He is a human, making Marnie and her siblings half human, half witch/warlock. Little is know about their relationship, but she seemed to really love him.
  • Dylan Piper is Marnie's younger brother. They have a normal brother, sister relationship. They do fight, but they really do love each other. Dylan and Marnie go to college together in the last movie. Marnie ends up saving him and gives him the Cromwell power showing that she trusts him.
  • Sophie Piper is Marnie's younger sister. Sophie seems to look up to her older sister a lot. They seem very close and the closest out of the siblings. Sophie and Marnie show to help each other out a lot too.
  • Luke is Marnie's crush in the first and second movie. Luke shows interest in Marnie in the first two movies, but he isn't seen after the second movie. It is unknown what happened to their friendship. They seem very protective of eachother.
  • Kal was a crush of Marnie's in the second movie. He seemed to like Marnie, but was using her to get Aggie's spellbook. It's unknown if they ever saw each other again.
  • Cody is Marnie's boyfriend in Halloweentown High. He likes Marnie from the start, but it is never heard of in the last movie. It's said they broke up since Marnie is dating Ethan in the last movie.
  • Ethan Dalloway is Marnie's date in Return to Halloweentown. He seemed to have liked her in Halloweentown High as well. The two start dating by the end of the movie, and in the book Tales from Halloweentown: The Witch's Amulet, they grow closer and Marnie admits that she's fallen in love with him.  
  • Anessa is Marnie's best friend in Return to Halloweentown. She and Marnie are later roommates by the end of the movie. She is a genie.
  • Cindy is a friend of Marnie's in Halloweentown II. Not much is known about their friendship. But they do seem to joke with eachother and be close friends.
  • Two unknown friends. They seem to be Marnie's best friends in the first movie. They are never seen after the first movie. They were only seen in the beginning when Marnie wanted to go to a Halloween party with them. They might still live in Marnie's old town.
  • Cassie was Marnie's friend in the program, where kids from Halloweentown lived in mortal world. She is also a witch like Marnie. Marnie and Cassie seem to be very good friends. It is unknown if she went to Witch U with Marnie and Ethan.


  • She resembles her grandmother in her youth.

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