"You could've had me, the most powerful warlock of all. You could've ruled with me as my queen, but you chose a human instead." - Kalabar to Gwen about marrying William

"Well, hello there. I don't believe we've met. That means I'm in trouble. 'Cause the mayor is supposed to know everybody." - Kalabar meeting Marnie, Dylan and Sophie

"Welcome to my museum!" (laughs evilly) - Kalabar, disguised as a shadow hooded creature greeting Aggie at the abandoned movie theatre

"No. Not statues. They're very much alive, merely frozen in time, until I need them." - Kalabar explaining to Aggie why he put an evil spell on the creatures of Halloweentown, freezing them in time while in the form of a shadow hooded creature

"Give me the talisman!" - Kalabar wanting Merlin's talisman for himself

"Follow me, and together, we will reclaim the mortal world which is rightfully ours! But before we can be sure of success, we must find the one who would stop us! The one who is half-human!" - Kalabar addressing the citizens of Halloweentown

"Oh, young Cromwell. You thought you could hide from me? Stop. Give me the talisman. (no response) I said, stop! Give me the talisman!" - Kalabar thinking it's Marnie hiding in Aggie's cloak (when it's actually Luke).

"Do not underestimate me, Agatha." - Kalabar before removing the talisman from the Jack-O lantern with his magic

"Now, my darkness will spread unchecked! And I will be ruler of both worlds!" (laughs evilly) - Kalabar after receiving Merlin's talisman

"You half-human brat! Do you think that your magic is any match for mine?!" - Kalabar to Marnie

"Silly witches! You Cromwells have failed!" (laughs evilly) - Kalabar declaring his victory

"No! No! NOOOOO!!!" - Kalabar's last words before he dies after the Cromwell family join together to vanquish him once and for all

Kalabar, also spelled Calabar, is a warlock and former boyfriend of Gwen. He is the main antagonist of the first film. Prior to the film, Kalabar is the Mayor of Halloweentown. He is a racist (he hates humans) and dislikes the fact that Gwen left him for a human, William, yet the Cromwell magic remains as powerful as ever. At first, he was in the form of a shadow hooded creature who's afraid of sunlight, but reveals his true identity when he tries to convince the citizens of Halloweentown to join him in order to retake what's rightfully theirs, i.e. the mortal world by bringing them back there as rulers of the human race. He dies at the end of Halloweentown when the Cromwell family members join together to vanquish him once and for all.

His son Kal is not the primary villain in Part II. He appears in Halloweentown II during several flashbacks to the previous film. In the first film his name is actually spelled as "Calabar", not "Kalabar". His name is also spelled "Calabar" in the Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge closing credits.


Kalabar was portrayed by Robin Thomas, in the first film: Halloweentown which was released in 1998.


  • Despite his feelings for Gwen, he had a son with someone else.
  • The reason Kalabar hates humans may be do to Gwen choosing to marry one instead of him.
  • He obviously pronounces Sophie's name wrong by calling her "Soapy".