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Ethan Dalloway
Ethan dalloway
Name Ethan Dalloway
Born 1985 (1st film)
Family Edgar Dalloway(father)
Films Halloweentown High

Return to Halloweentown

Portrayal Lucas Grabeel
Love interst(s) Marnie Piper (3rd and 4th movies)

Ethan Dalloway (3-4) is the son of the third movie villain, Edgar Dalloway. He plays a rival of Marnie in the third installment, but after changing to turning against his own father to become good, He becomes Marnie's love interest in the fourth installment. He is supposedly a warlock, but in the 4th movie says he renounced his powers after his father lost his. He is now a mortal like the Sinister Sisters who also lost their powers because their father worked for the Dominion, but he and Marnie appear to continue their relationship. Ethan's father also worked for the Dominion once upon a time.

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